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When it’s Time for New Knees | Knee Replacement Gave One Man Back his Life

2018-03-19T11:34:52-04:00Men's Health & Fitness|

A retired firefighter, former assistant scuba instructor, and avid cyclist, James Needham of China Grove, NC, has seen his share of physical activity over the years. Bike riding is his true love. But over time, osteoarthritis set in, and Needham had reached a point where his knee pain and

Out of the Fog

2018-03-19T11:35:46-04:00Men's Health & Fitness|

By Jack Caroway After years of neglect I finally found the motivation to come out of the fog and address the damage I had done to my body over the years. Being inactive for decades and paying absolutely no attention to what I ate I found myself 40 pounds’

The Mobile Male

2019-03-08T17:16:47-05:00Men's Health & Fitness|

By Brian Diaz When describing their exercise regimen most men would include strength and several cardiovascular exercises, which is correct. However, there is one big piece that men usually overlook, mobility. Why men seem to push mobility to the back burner is a mystery. Is it because activities such

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