To our most wonderful training guys,

We are the girls you train with. You know us— we aren’t shy, and we feel that there comes a time in every great relationship to be honest and that time has come. You’ll be happy to know that often, we look around and see how considerate you are but, because we care about you and your next training buddy it’s time to be open and honest about what we’ve noticed when you work out. After all, we don’t just hang with anyone so, consider these helpful hints that will help us both a tiny, little bit. At least during workouts…

Racing: Shirt or Shirtless?

At races, please keep your shirt on. Let’s be honest, there are very few people who can pull off running with no shirt. There’s a lot that moves around even on a fit body. We all love to

run without a shirt, but sometimes it’s a good idea and sometimes it’s not. A good rule of thumb… would grandma be proud? Or would she talk about you in her newfound “I’ve been around for a while so I can say whatever I think” kind of way?

Post Workout Attire

What a great workout that was! We enjoyed that hour or two with you, but now it’s time to change clothes. Be proud of the sweat that just poured out of you, enjoy that special post-workout musk for a moment! Then please go change your shorts or at the very least put on a shirt that isn’t saturated. Which brings up another point… a little post-workout deodorant and body spray is GOOD. Choose a fresh scent and load those pits up! Feel free to be generous in other areas too. Key point: look like you wrestled a bear, smell like you rolled in a field of freshly laundered blankets.

Laundry Day

Once you’ve learned that changing out of your smelly clothes is key to making more friends, then you need to learn to take your sweat-soaked clothes out of your gym bag each day— not each week, each DAY!  Do not even think about putting those bad boys on again even if they’ve dried. Crusty clothes should never be an option.  When your fellow athletes are moving away with tears in their eyes, then you know it’s time to get some new duds.

Sweaters vs. Sparklers

Some of us are sweaters; some of us glisten, a few of us sparkle. You’ve seen us in all states, and we’ve seen you. If you tend to create a lake around your workout area, it may be time for some reinforcements. Stepping in a puddle and wondering if it’s water or sweat is just nasty. Especially when it’s not your puddle! If you are dripping and spraying the person next to you when you move, go for that bigger towel.  Wipe often. Wipe everywhere…well, not everywhere. No one wants to see that. That is what the men’s room is for.  This is not a frat house. When in doubt, break out the sweatbands! Bonus points if they make me laugh!

Tidying Up

Clean up after yourself. As a courtesy to those coming along after you and out of respect for the establishment, clean the machines, the weights, the mats, even the floor (see “sweaters” above), We all want to use them, but we don’t want to rub ourselves in your sweat anymore that you want to have random 12-inch long hair all over you from us.

Mirror Selfies

We are so proud of you for all the hard work you put in and how healthy you are. But stop checking yourself out in the mirror. We see you, but too much self-admiration is a turn-off. Save the mirror gazing for home. It’s just awkward in public. And please, please, please don’t you dare take a mirror selfie at the gym. Not cool. On that note, don’t take a mirror selfie anywhere.

Check the Decibel Level

Sometimes the weight is too heavy.  Sometimes it’s the last set, or rep, or lap, and you are putting in that extra bit of effort.  Sometimes a grunt comes out.  Or a forced exhale.  We all do it. Just keep the amount and volume of grunting, moaning, and groaning in check; too much and we wonder if you need your daily dose of Metamucil.

Working Your Pipes

We love a free spirit who can sing or dance when the mood hits. Especially a guy.  It shows confidence and joy. A little Michael Jackson in the morning can get you going.  But remember, not everyone wants to hear your rendition of “Turn Down for What.”  We love that you are rockin’ out and know it can help keep you motivated through a tough set, but your “tunes” can be a distraction to others, no matter how well you channel your inner MJ.

We hope these tips make you even more of a Rockstar during workouts Happy training! We’ll see you at 5:30am with your big towel, fresh shirt, and a good morning smile.


Your faithful training gals