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Endurance offers both lifestyle-engaged audiences through our monthly Endurance Lifestyle Newsletter and website, as well as confirmed participation-oriented audiences through our SPORToften Event Participation and Training audiences.

The Endurance Lifestyle Newsletter engages a cultivated opt-in audience that includes 40,000 people. This email goes out at the beginning of each month.  Our SPORToften newsletters are designed to activate an opt-in audience of  120,000+ people who participate in events annually. There are several opportunities to reach this audience monthly.

Overall, our targeted audience engagement channels are a required complement to any marketing mix.  Grow your events by learning what works and doing more of it!


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SPORToften “Own It”

Our newly-enhanced approach to delivering the SPORToften “Own It” has resulted in 40% improvement in overall conversions in early 2020!

The SPORToften “OWN IT” is our most advanced and effective channel to reach and engage your target audience.  We deliver to proactively segmented audiences to maximize engagement and conversions for your event.  You have two opportunities per month to send an “Own It” and these are customized per event.

For our RunSignUp online registration partners, we also offer a reconciliation of people who have opened or clicked your “Own It” emails with the “incomplete registrations” list and already registered list from RunSignUp.  This provides a closer-to-conversion pipeline activation that further benefits your conversion rate.

SPORToften “What’s Next!” Newsletter

The SPORToften “What’s Next!” Newsletter is sent out twice monthly to our entire SPORToften audience and generates awareness to all the events that are coming up in the next 45 days.

Showcase Events are promoted and stay “top of mind” throughout the registration cycle.  There are two spots where you can reserve your event to be showcased.  There is also a leaderboard placement available with each delivery of this event-focused newsletter.

The “What’s Next!” Newsletter realizes strong open rates and click-rates continue to be compelling.

Endurance Lifestyle Newsletter

The Endurance Lifestyle Newsletter leverages content marketing to engage an audience that is interested in improving their lives through an active lifestyle with nutrition, adventure, wellness, and overall fitness columns.

This is a great place to engage with people who are looking for a goal or a way to engage other who are like-minded.

The Endurance Lifestyle Newsletter is delivered monthly at the beginning of the month and there are two prominent placements available – the Main Showcase which is equivalent to a Full-Page print ad, and the Sub Showcase which is similar to a Half-Page print ad.