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Health & Fitness
  • Training for the Ultimate Battle Why F3 is More Than Just Fitness

    By David Baddour I choose to start my story on May 10 of 2014. It could just as easily start six months later, with that first visit to the doctor. Or, with the colonoscopy that


    By Brian Diaz When the hot humid Southern days of summer start to fade away and make room for the cool mornings and evenings of fall, I can’t help but yearn to get outside. A

  • The Anatomy of a Soleus Strain

    By Brian Schiff Have you ever been running and suddenly experienced intense pain or cramp deep in the lower leg? In many cases, this sudden onset of sharp, stabbing pain forces runners to halt their



By Brian Beatty A reason to run? A better question might be, why not? Walking and running are what we are

Run for Your Health

By Casey Clark Kelley While better health may be one of your motivators for running, it could be benefitting you in

SUSTAINABILITY OF YOU – Train for a Reason and a Purpose

By Brian Diaz As the New Year wanes and spring starts creeping in with hints of warmer weather ahead, many of

Injury Prevention

Orthotics for Runners

By Smruti Shah, DPT, OCS When I started practicing PT ten years ago, every runner wanted orthotics to either treat or

Standing Tall Following ACL Reconstructive Surgery

Janna Levin of Winston-Salem, North Carolina is a proud mom of two children, and she is also a college professor who

The Physical Therapists Push for a Yearly Musculoskeletal Screening

By Rob Schneider Did you know that after the age of 30 we lose .5-1% of our muscle mass? How about

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