Reaching My Peak


Donnie Campbell is a professional ultra-marathon runner and endurance running coach. In December 2016 he took on Ramsay’s Round; a 24-hour challenge taking in 24 mountains covering 98 kilometres and requiring 8,500 metres of climbing – the equivalent to ascending Mount Everest from sea level.

Good as Gold


By Dana MacCorquodale | It takes a total badass to become a professional triathlete. They are a breed unlike any other. They are strong, dedicated, driven, relentless and passionate about their sport. Few can fathom the commitment it takes. Their pain thresholds are off the charts. Two-time marathon winner Sika Henry is very familiar with that pain. She is a stone cold badass of the highest caliber. And she’s just getting started.

15 Years of Endurance Sports


More people are participating in Endurance sports than ever! It wasn’t that long ago that you were a “hero” if you had run a marathon and now it’s becoming as common as a 5K. Given it’s our 15th Anniversary in the local Endurance community, we thought it would be

Water is Life

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By Dana MacCorquodale | I remember the first time I swam in the ocean like it was yesterday. That one single act changed the trajectory of my life. This was when I fell in love with Hawaii Blue.