Endurance Magazine Raises over $500,000 to Support Food Security

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Chapel Hill, NC — Chapel Hill-based Endurance Magazine has motivated over 26,000 people across North America to raise over $500,000 for local food banks and hunger relief programs. Since May, in the midst of COVID-19 business closures, quarantines, and unprecedented social distancing, Endurance launched a portfolio of virtual challenges

Synergy in Sweden


By Helen Wikmar and Emma Wanberg | Setting off, on the day of the Ötillö World Championship, Helen and Emma knew that the race wasn’t going to be easy. Running and swimming a combined distance of over 75 km, the Ötillö race sees competitors run across – and swim between – the islands that make up Stockholm’s archipelago.

Running With Sherman


By Christopher McDougall | The smart move when your daughter asks for a donkey for her birthday is to just say no. But because she was nine, and easily distractible, and I was sure she’d forget the whole thing by dinner, I opened my mouth and fired a two-syllable mistake into my foot: I said, “Maybe.”

Reaching My Peak


Donnie Campbell is a professional ultra-marathon runner and endurance running coach. In December 2016 he took on Ramsay’s Round; a 24-hour challenge taking in 24 mountains covering 98 kilometres and requiring 8,500 metres of climbing – the equivalent to ascending Mount Everest from sea level.

Good as Gold


By Dana MacCorquodale | It takes a total badass to become a professional triathlete. They are a breed unlike any other. They are strong, dedicated, driven, relentless and passionate about their sport. Few can fathom the commitment it takes. Their pain thresholds are off the charts. Two-time marathon winner Sika Henry is very familiar with that pain. She is a stone cold badass of the highest caliber. And she’s just getting started.