Water is Life

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By Dana MacCorquodale | I remember the first time I swam in the ocean like it was yesterday. That one single act changed the trajectory of my life. This was when I fell in love with Hawaii Blue.

Swim for Wishes


By Dana MacCorquodale Tears welled in my eyes as I read the tragic Facebook post. They began to stream down my face against my will. The sobbing rocked my entire body. It became all encompassing. The pain was gut wrenching, blinding. It shook me to my core. It is

SWIMMING – A Reason to Swim


<Photos Credited to Julie Berry> By Dana MacCorquodale Have you ever wanted something so badly that you were willing to give up sleep to achieve your goal? TIDE Swimming's very own Lauren Breuer is exactly that kind of athlete! A proud member of the United States Navy, Lauren would

Give Your Swim Stroke a Tune-Up


Jason Harloff, PT, MSPT, LAT, ATCEvery year about this time, we start to see the effects of improper stroke mechanics in our multisport athletes and swimmers.   Improper stroke mechanics can result from a variety of sources.  Once such source stems from the fact that the human body is extremely

Deciphering Swim Workouts


By Marty Gaal, CSCSIf you haven't yet tried your hand at swimming, you'll soon find out that it's technique intensive and your best bet is to join a coached group or find a good technique coach.  For the uninitiated, the world of swimming can be intimidating.  If you join