The Happy Meaning Of Life

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By Angelina Stevens I must admit, there is a a romantic yearning inside of me for a simpler existence, to retreat to a plot of unscathed land, living off the earth. With our constant exposure to big media, the Internet, and our various forms of communication, it can be easy to become entranced in a virtual

LIFESTYLE – What Matters Most


  By D.C. Lucchesi   In the hours before I leave out on what will be my longest bike tour to date, I’m staring out over the guest room bed that serves as a staging area for activities such as this.  Piles of gear, clothes, and packaged eats form

LIFESTYLE – Grounded For Life


  By Dr. Angelina Stevens   We all are in a serious committed relationship with our planet, Earth. Not only do we rely on our planet for resources and survival, but for physical grounding, which keeps our energies running smoothly and rhythmically. Visualize yourself walking barefoot on a beautiful beach or lying down in huge grassy field



  View from the Pros First-year pro Kelly Fillnow, 29, of Charlotte has her own coaching business and recently founded a nonprofit called RunningWorks. Her 9:29:49 finish at Ironman Austria was an amateur record. Here’s what she had to say about Charlotte: “I believe that Charlotte  is one of

BEST PLACE TO LIVE – Winston-Salem & The Triad


Population (Winston-Salem): 229,617 Median House or Condo Value (Winston-Salem): $143,200 Median Gross Rent (Winston-Salem): $645     Weather: Winston-Salem gets a few more days of snow than Raleigh and Charlotte, but its average of only nine days of snow per year hardly qualifies it as a winter wonderland. Athletes



Population: 731,424 Median House or Condo Value: $175,600 Median Gross Rent: $811     Weather: With an average of only five and a half days of snow per year and generally mild winters, Charlotte is an awesome city for year-round training. With the right gear to ride in winter,

BEST PLACE TO LIVE – Winston-Salem & The Triad


  View from the Pros   Tara Martine is a 30-year-old aspiring pro triathlete living in Greensboro, N.C. Martine, a registered dietitian, works part-time at an adult day health facility, where she plans the menus and snacks and provides nutrition education. In 2010, she was the first overall female

BEST PLACE TO LIVE – Raleigh & The Triangle


Population (Raleigh): 403,892 Median House or Condo Value (Raleigh): $214,900 Median Gross Rent (Raleigh): $845     Weather: With an average of only 7.5 days of snow per year and generally mild winters, you can’t beat Raleigh and the Triangle for year-round training. While you’ll certainly need the right

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