By Dr. Angelina Stevens


We all are in a serious committed relationship with our planet, Earth. Not only do we rely on our planet for resources and survival, but for physical grounding, which keeps our energies running smoothly and rhythmically. Visualize yourself walking barefoot on a beautiful beach or lying down in huge grassy field on a warm day. Besides evoking feelings of relaxation and freedom, these activities allow built-up stress and energy in our bodies to dispel into the earth’s surface, which can have a dramatic healing effect on the entire body. Academic scientist James Oschman terms this transfer of energy from our bodies to the earth as grounding or earthing. Through extensive research, Oschman and his colleagues have found that direct contact with the ground causes an electron and antioxidant transfer that reduces pain, decreases inflammation, reduces cortisol, promotes healthy sleep, and reduces viscosity of the blood, according to This research resulted in two books by Oschman, “Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis” and “Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance.”


From an electrical standpoint, grounding refers to connecting electrical devices to the ground to expel excess energy and electricity. Without grounding, many of our beloved electronics would short-circuit or “fry” due to chronic power surges. Our bodies are not any different. Our energy fields are also like magnets attracting and accumulating electromagnetic energy from cell phones, computers, power lines, and anything else electronic.  We as humans need grounding as well to provide this natural exchange of energy and to avoid illness, insomnia, fatigue, depression, and organ stress. Our physical contact with the earth is important to expel excess energy and draw in fresh energy so that we don’t “fry.” Grounding keeps our bodies, minds, and spirits refreshed and vital. 


Get Your Barefeet On! 

When standing barefoot on the ground, the earth connects with our bodies through the bottoms of our feet and through acupuncture energy meridian points. The Chinese medical system of acupuncture stresses the importance of K1, or the first point on the Kidney meridian, which begins on the sole of the foot in the midpoint of the ball of the foot.  
When K1 makes direct contact with the earth, the body can absorb antioxidant electrons from the Earth’s magnetized surface and release excess energy from all of the organ meridians. K1 is also treated with acupuncture or acupressure to help with anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and allergies, as it helps to draw excess energy in the head and neck down toward the feet. The need for grounding also explains our growing love and need for exercise outdoors. The more contact we have with Mother Earth, the lower our stress levels, and the healthier we look and feel. Many runners are converting to barefoot or minimalistic running after dealing with repetitive injuries or running fatigue. With less technology on their feet, barefoot runners are directly contacting more of the ground and report improvement in injuries, endurance, and speed. While the jury may still be out on the long-term effects of minimalistic or barefoot running, it does give a nostalgic feeling of running barefoot like a child and free. 


Get Grounded With A Healthy Diet

 Eating raw living foods that are close to the earth, especially those red, yellow, and orange in color, can help in getting the body grounded. Examples are squash, nuts, rice, oats, spelt, sweet potatoes, yams, peppers, beets, beans, carrots, citrus fruits, ginger, garlic, and parsnips. Many of the foods that are considered comfort foods, like warm curries, soups, potato dishes, and casseroles that take a lot of time and love to prepare, fall into this category. 
Eating smaller, mini meals every few hours helps to keep the blood sugar stable while stoking the metabolism of digestion. This also decreases excess cortisol or stress hormone secretion by missing meals or starving the body that can destabilize the entire body and tax the kidneys and adrenals. Drinking  lots of pure, pH-balanced water from the earth is paramount. I prefer artesian spring water that is extracted deep within the earth and rich in mineral electrolytes.


Get Yourself Grounded

 Many of the acupuncture points that I use every day are located on the feet and lower legs to stimulate the flow of energy and help alleviate worry and stress. Other things that help with grounding are exercising outdoors, warm baths, barefoot dancing, reflexology, energy work, yoga, and hot stone massage therapy.  Whenever traveling, especially changing time zones, you can rub the bottoms of your feet with a stainless steel spoon or a smooth stone to ground you in your new environment and to shake off jet lag. Bipolar magnets also can be used on the feet or other area of the body that are out of balance to simulate the grounding effect and increase proper energy flow. The best way to maintain your ground is through a healthy balance of work, play, family, and self-care. Taking time every single day to exercise, eat right, sleep enough, laugh, and enjoy ourselves is the essence of health and a well-grounded being. 


Yours in Health, Dr. Angelina Stevens


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Dr. Angelina V. Stevens, D.C., owns holistic chiropractic and acupuncture centers in Durham and Chapel Hill. She is passionate about healing the body naturally without the use of drugs or surgery and by finding the true causes of pain and illness. As a triathlete, Dr. Angelina has completed in world-class events and has represented the U.S. as a triathlete on Team USA 2001.  She currently competes as an elite cyclo-cross racer and can be reached at or by email at