Population: 731,424

Median House or Condo Value: $175,600

Median Gross Rent: $811



Weather: With an average of only five and a half days of snow per year and generally mild winters, Charlotte is an awesome city for year-round training. With the right gear to ride in winter, Charlotte’s average low temperature of 32 degrees F in January – its coldest month – is easily bearable, considering the average high is 54 degrees. In the warmest month, July, the average high is 90 degrees and the average low is 71 degrees. Charlotte experiences approximately 109 clear days per year.  

Terrain: In addition to its superb greenway system, Charlotte is a city filled with amazing neighborhoods, beautiful houses and friendly people, which makes running just about anywhere an awesome experience. Meyers Park, Sedgefield and Dilworth are just a few of the great neighborhoods athletes love to run through. Davidson College offers the area great trails, too. But, perhaps the best part of the running scene is the Charlotte Running Club. Consisting of a group of passionate runners, the club strives to spread the love of running through motivation, groups runs, and social events. Organized in 2009, the club is working toward bringing the expansive, diverse, and exciting running community together. You can visit the club’s website at www.charlotterunningclub.org.  

Economy: In addition to a thriving triathlon scene that supports a wealth of running stores and triathlon shops, Charlotte is a financial powerhouse renowned for its vibrant banking sector. With more than $2.3 trillion in assets, it is the second largest financial center in the nation, behind only New York. Of the major metro centers in the Southeast, including Miami, only Atlanta (8.3 million) has more people living within a 100-mile radius than Charlotte, which has 7.3 million. Charlotte is also a major manufacturing force. Mecklenburg County has 1,150 producers generating an annual payroll of $3.1 billion. The region has an additional 3,371 manufacturers that employ more than 110,000 workers. Every major manufacturing sector is represented, including industrial machinery and metal working industries, along with computer and electronic products and bio-medical facilities.

Triathlons Within Driving Distance



12 races within 45 minutes

16 races within 1.5 hours


Olympic / International Triathlons

3 races within 1.5 hours

7 races within 3 hours


Half Iron

5 races within 4 hours, including Rev3 Anderson, S.C., and TryCharleston Half

8 races within 5.5 hours, including Coliseum Rock ’N’ RollMan Half



Beach2Battleship is within 3.5 hours and Ironman Louisville is within 8 hours