By Brian Diaz

The TRX Burpee is not for the faint of heart, that is for sure. One of the most challenging and dynamic moves that you can do on the suspension trainer requires some practice on the ground before taking this popular bodyweight move to the air. Assuming you can do a regular burpee and have been cleared for any shoulder or chest injuries in the past, here’s how you wow your friends and turn heads in the gym.

First, start with the suspension trainer fully lengthened to about mid-calf height. You will put both handles, or utilize the single locking grip, on one foot. Turn away from the anchor point and come forward a bit while standing on one leg (not much different than the TRX Lunge that we covered in an earlier issue). Once in this position, drop down into a push-up while suspending the original standing leg off to the side and in line with the leg in the strap. Drive the suspended leg forward, plant, and jump toward the ceiling off that leg. Upon landing, go right back into the next one and into the push-up position.




See the series of pictures included or go to for a video tutorial.

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Brian Diaz is the head physical therapist and sports specialist at ActivEdge Fitness & Sports Performance. He is a Level II Certified TRX Suspension Trainer and a USA Triathlon Certified Coach. Follow him on Twitter (@JediTriathlete) or go to his website at for more exercise ideas.