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3 Off-Season Recovery Tips


By Norah Whitten It’s hard to believe winter is upon us again. We know that this time of year is a great time to up the strength training and mobility work. However, there are other, less talked about, aspects of training that deserve some attention. There are three areas

Train, Don’t Strain


By Smruti Shah Have you ever admired the form and technique of the elite endurance athlete as they close in on the finish line? Famed coach/runner Arthur Lydiard would tell you these athletes train, don’t strain. Clinically, most of the endurance athlete injuries I see are rooted in improper

Cryotherapy: Then and Now


By Brian Diaz Starting as early as the 1970s, physiologists have studied the effects of applying ice to the body after exercise for various benefits including, but not limited, to anti-inflammation, pain reduction, muscular strength gains, and anti-fatigue. Applying ice packs to body parts and, in some cases, fully

Foam Rollers

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SPRI Soft Foam Roller Good for first-time foam rollers and those looking for a more relaxing and rejuvenating (and less painful) rolling experience. This is ideal for a gentle stretch and self-mobilization of joints and spine. More Info: SKLZ Barrel Roller A firm roller is ideal for athletes