Train, Don’t Strain


By Smruti Shah Have you ever admired the form and technique of the elite endurance athlete as they close in on the finish line? Famed coach/runner Arthur Lydiard would tell you these athletes train, don’t strain. Clinically, most of the endurance athlete injuries I see are rooted in improper

The Intelligent Core, Smarter not Harder


By Brian Beatty We all agree that ‘work smarter not harder’ is conceptually desirable, but realistically we often default to ‘putting our head down and grinding it out’. Our chosen activities can provide ample opportunity to practice either, or, and both. Working smarter embodies the idea of maximizing efficiency.

Developing Pedaling Efficiency


By Brian Beatty Efficient motion is critical to cycling performance. This article offers a way to refine your own ‘body spin scan’ skill and improve speed, power, and performance on the bike through increasing your pedaling efficiency. Applying consistent, even force to the pedal is key. You can hear

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