Dynamic Stretches Can Boost Running Performance Try These Moves Before and After Your Run

2018-03-19T11:24:05-04:00Injury Prevention, Sustainability of You, Training|

Looking to up your running game? Try adding dynamic stretches to your warm-up routine. Dynamic stretching, performed in motion, before exercise helps runners stay injury-free and improves functional range of motion. Static stretching, performed while at rest, is generally not recommended before a run. Christina Vorobej, MD, works with

SUSTAINABILITY OF YOU – Triathlon Safety: What You Can Do to Avoid Becoming a Statistic

2014-12-02T10:56:04-05:00Sustainability of You, Training|

By Thomas Henson, Jr. It used to be that only ultra-elite athletes would even consider participating in a triathlon. Now, the sport is mainstream. According to USA Triathlon, total membership (which includes one-day participants) in 2013 was more than 550,000—four times higher than 1999 membership. In fact, today nearly

RUNNING – Is It Better to Run for Miles or Time?

2014-12-02T10:52:28-05:00Running, Training|

By David Cross One of the most common questions I get as a holistic running coach is: Is it better to train by minutes or by tracking miles? It’s a question many runners think about, but like almost everything in running, there isn’t a definitive answer. I believe that for

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