3 Off-Season Recovery Tips


By Norah Whitten It’s hard to believe winter is upon us again. We know that this time of year is a great time to up the strength training and mobility work. However, there are other, less talked about, aspects of training that deserve some attention. There are three areas

Cold Weather Running Gear


BUFF Tech Fleece Hat MSRP: $28 BUFF® Tech Fleece Hat has a lightweight design for comfort and performance in cold weather. Reflective 360º design for high visibility and improved security during activity from dusk to dawn. Highly breathable and quick-drying fabric, featuring a back of hat ponytail opening. Craft

My Running Tribe


Jo E. Rodgers In my youth, I never enjoyed running. In fact, I absolutely loathed it. But after the “freshmen 15” found me, I tried my best to embrace it. I ran in spurts throughout my 20s as I transitioned through various training programs and stages of life, but

The Race


By Jessica Oberlies It begins in a stampede. Hundreds of legs propelling forward, fresh And up for the challenge. The potent scent Of gasoline as the golf cart accelerates, faster than it was made for, Zooming along the uneven ground, struggling to stay ahead of the Power-hungry runners. The