Train, Don’t Strain


By Smruti Shah Have you ever admired the form and technique of the elite endurance athlete as they close in on the finish line? Famed coach/runner Arthur Lydiard would tell you these athletes train, don’t strain. Clinically, most of the endurance athlete injuries I see are rooted in improper

Grilled Summer Ratatouille


By Sheri Branson One of my favorite dishes to make this time of year is ratatouille. Served either warm or cold, it reminds me of the warm summer sun of Provence. Local Farmer’s Markets are loaded with everything I need for this classic summer dish. Grilling the vegetables takes

15 Years of Endurance Sports


More people are participating in Endurance sports than ever! It wasn’t that long ago that you were a “hero” if you had run a marathon and now it’s becoming as common as a 5K. Given it’s our 15th Anniversary in the local Endurance community, we thought it would be