Synergy in Sweden


By Helen Wikmar and Emma Wanberg | Setting off, on the day of the Ötillö World Championship, Helen and Emma knew that the race wasn’t going to be easy. Running and swimming a combined distance of over 75 km, the Ötillö race sees competitors run across – and swim between – the islands that make up Stockholm’s archipelago.

Running With Sherman


By Christopher McDougall | The smart move when your daughter asks for a donkey for her birthday is to just say no. But because she was nine, and easily distractible, and I was sure she’d forget the whole thing by dinner, I opened my mouth and fired a two-syllable mistake into my foot: I said, “Maybe.”

Recovery Starts Now


By Norah Whitten | With the summer coming to an end and the intense heat (hopefully) subsiding soon it’s time for many to start full swing into fall training. With increases in training volume comes the increase likelihood for injury if not properly training and recovering.

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