By Brian Diaz

This movement requires an additional strap and kettle bell to complete the exercise. This is a modification of the popular “land mine” exercise and is one of my favorites for the abdominals in a functional closed kinetic chain standing position.


Start in a standing position facing away from the TRX anchor point. Pick up the kettle bell, which should be strapped in both handles of the TRX or another suspension system. While holding the kettle bell out in front of the body and slightly elevated at about head height, squat and rotate to the side allowing the feet to naturally lift and twist.

Control the kettle bell and slow the motion eccentrically while contracting the abdominals, pause briefly at the bottom, and then start to bring the kettle bell back up to the starting position out in front of the body. Pause again to reset the foot position and then initiate the movement towards the opposite side.

The focus should be on the movement; almost like a rudimentary combination of the golf swing and throwing the discus. The idea is to control and move the kettle bell through the range of motion. Pick a lighter weight and make sure it doesn’t pull you or put too much of a strain on the low back in the transition part of the exercise.

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Brian Diaz is the head physical therapist and sports specialist at ActivEdge Fitness & Sports Performance. He is a Level II Certified TRX Suspension Trainer and a USA Triathlon Certified Coach. Follow him on Twitter (@JediTriathlete) or go to his website at for more exercise ideas.