By Brian Diaz

Snow Angels is a fairly simple movement but very challenging on the chest, core, and in particular the shoulders. Please do NOT attempt if you are currently having shoulder pathology. Although this is a forward facing exercise, I often think of making snow angels back in the Chicago snow and so I named it accordingly.

You start by facing away from the TRX® anchor point, hands on the handles and leaning forward like you are setting up from the push press. Do not make the mistake of getting too low on the straps because this movement puts a lot more stress on the shoulders then just the press.

aprilblog_2016_04_Apr_TRX_Pg28_2 aprilblog_2016_04_Apr_TRX_Pg28_1

Extend your arms out overhead. This is the starting position. Keeping the lower body and core tight and quiet, sweep the arms down in a nice arc without bending the elbows until they are resting just off the hips and the bottom of the movement. Pause briefly here with the arms at the side and palms facing forward before returning to the starting point overhead.

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Brian Diaz is the head physical therapist and sports specialist at ActivEdge Fitness & Sports Performance. He is a Level II Certified TRX Suspension Trainer and a USA Triathlon Certified Coach. Follow him on Twitter (@JediTriathlete) or go to his website at for more exercise ideas.