The Ultra Experience


Technically, an ultra is any race longer than a marathon but, that’s where the similarity ends. An ultra can be anything from the iconic Western States Endurance Run to a local 12-hour running event on a closed loop in a park. The terrain could be a rocky and challenging

Distance Running


By Brian Beatty The joys of running and the desire to share that joy is a big bond of our community. Here are some thoughts, shared with the hope that we can all reflect on the concept of distance running in a way that feeds our joy. Distance Running;

Tips For Avoiding Running Injuries


One athlete’s journey to the NYC Marathon In addition to traditional marathons, color runs and obstacle course races are attracting an increasing number of novice runners. In the U.S., over 19 million people complete organized running events each year. As a result, sports and orthopedic specialists, primary care physicians, and physical