I Suck at Running


By Susan Lacke I'm an unexceptional athlete. I'm slow. My times aren't great. I trip a lot. And that's OK. On a good day, I am an unexceptional athlete. My times at most races are fair-to-middling, though I have, on rare occasions, broken through for PRs. Once, at a

Fitness for Survival and the Power of a Battle Buddy


By Dana Ayers I’m halfway through my Afghanistan deployment and exercise has continued to prove crucial for survival. Not because I’m running for my life during gunfights every day, but just in dealing with an abnormal, stressful environment. (Although just getting here alone required being in decent shape:  living

Meeting The Third Man


By Dana Maccorquodale I have a secret. On my first 30 mile run, in the sweltering heat of White House, TN, I had an encounter with the “Third Man”. It not only changed my view of training and racing, but it changed my life bringing me peace, joy and

Great Fall Trail Runs!

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Steep Canyon 50K Ultramarathon & Relay Hullabaloo September 7 (Thursday) // Black Mountain, NC Charles R. Humphrey, III, bass player of Steep Canyon Rangers and ultra runner, is a co-director and sponsor of Steep Canyon 50K Ultramarathon & Relay Hullabaloo, which kicks off the Mountain Song Festival Weekend. The

Run for Your Life


Here’s another reason to lace up those shoes and hit the road: You may live longer. Running has already been shown to reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease, and now a study finds that people who run tend to live three years longer than non-runners. The researchers looked at

Running for Her Life

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By Mark Melton Run for Your Life employee Jacqueline Saliba is an experienced runner of almost 30 years. The mother of three and Kings Mountain native, Jacqueline took her skills from high school track to compete at the collegiate level at Winthrop University.  After finishing school, she was able