By Brian Diaz

There are many versions and adaptations of rotational exercises that one could use on the TRX® Suspension Trainer, one of my favorites is just a basic standing two arm/one handle rotation. This movement is very functional and translates to almost all sporting activities.

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The most difficult part of this exercise is the set up. Standing facing the TRX®, you will have to the handle that you are holding in your right hand and thread it in the triangular space above the handle of the left. With them now in different hands, do this same technique again pushing the right handle through the left triangle and then pull down on the “new” right handle. This should lock the other grip out of the way and prevent the trainer from sliding (although worst case scenario is that most of them now have a guard or block to prevent you from doing too much damage).

Once you have the single grip locked in and ready, still facing the trainer, lean back and open the hips by turning the feet slightly in one direction. This will be the side that you will start the movement on before switching. With the arms extended but not locked out, pull yourself to a more upright position while rotating the handle away and out to the side that you are rotated towards.

At the end of the ROM, bend the elbows and pull the trainer into the body releasing the tension and allowing the trainer to return to the normal arms extended starting position. The advanced version of this movement would be to keep the arms extended throughout including the return using a much more challenging eccentric lowering to return to the starting position. Try and complete 8-10 on one side before switching to the other.

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Brian Diaz is the head physical therapist and sports specialist at ActivEdge Fitness & Sports Performance. He is a Level II Certified TRX Suspension Trainer and a USA Triathlon Certified Coach. Follow him on Twitter (@JediTriathlete) or go to his website at for more exercise ideas.