“What I find to be the best part of the Ramblin’ Rose is all the fabulous volunteers that encourage you, motivate you and cheer you on the entire race. They help you through and make you believe in yourself and believe you can do it.”

I work out every morning at 5:30 with my friend Jennifer Byerly. One day she said, “I really want to do a triathlon.” By that I knew she meant, “And you have to do one with me.” I told her I would do a triathlon with her, but only if it was a Ramblin’ Rose Triathlon. The most memorable moment was crossing the finish line, giving my friend Jennifer a high five and a hug and saying, “We did it!” It is such a sense of accomplishment to complete a triathlon.

“The first Ramblin’ Rose empowered me. I felt like I could do anything after that experience. Before I did the triathlon I never owned a bike and never got in the pool to swim laps. Now I have found that I love biking and really enjoy swimming. I have both of my boys running 5k’s with me now.”