Health Matters at American Airlines

American Airlines is flying high with the company’s points-based wellness program, Healthmatters. This program is designed to assist employees and their families with living a healthier lifestyle and reaching their personal health goals through a variety of programs and activities. To encourage participation, employees earn incentive points by completing health-related activities and doctor-recommended preventive screenings.  In addition, employees are encouraged and rewarded for participating in a community event that requires physical activity. These points are accumulated and applied toward their medical benefit contribution credit or a gift card, depending on the employee’s workgroup.

Healthmatters Is Designed for All States of Health

Whether employees are enjoying good health or working on improving an existing health condition, AA’s Healthmatters program has something for everyone.  Healthmatters tools and resources are accessible from the company intranet, Jetnet, where employees can learn more about a wide variety of medical issues and conditions. Program support is provided by AA’s vendor partner ActiveHealth.  If employees need additional help with their health care, they can speak to a member of ActiveHealth’s Health Advocate Team. Their services include informed care and enhanced case management for serious chronic ailments, personal attention during pregnancy, and interactive lifestyle coaching. Employees can earn discounts on eligible blood pressure and diabetes prescriptions, too. 

American’s Wellness Philosophy

When employees feel good, they are more energized, creative, and productive.  That’s good for the employee – and for AA, too. With 250 cities in 50 countries (that’s more than 3,600 flights a day), American needs employees to be present and working safely.
According to Mary Anderson, managing director, benefits and productivity, “Our goal is simple: help our healthy employees stay healthy, and offer resources to help unhealthy employees move into a healthier state. In other words, change from passive to active wellness. This would have major impacts to our employees and, in turn, our customers. That’s why we are investing in employee health through our Healthmatters programs. It’s just good business.”

American Airlines Program Highlights


In addition to worksite wellness activities and system-wide wellness campaigns, 

core Healthmatters programs include:

  • A 24-hour nurse line and access to health advocates
  • Health assessment and active lifestyle coaching
  • Disease and complex case management, along with maternity management
  • Web-based health-management tools and trackers as well as an online library of health information
  • A network of volunteer “wellness champs” whose goal is to inform, educate, and inspire the AA family to initiate and sustain better living through healthy choices by promoting Healthmatters programs and resources
  • Healthmatters Rewards – incentives for participation in wellness activities and programs

For more information about American Airlines visit www.AA.com