It was about a year ago when I first Twittered.  It’s truly remarkable how quickly the phenomenon of this so simple and consciously basic form of communication has grown across our collective society.  Still so many people tell me, “I just don’t get it,” “I have no time for that,” or “I don’t want to put myself ‘out there’ like that.” (I’m confident you all will find your way to Twitter at some point, but due to your hesitation will likely end up with an account ID like @clownpeni284&^2!r98fjhqwkfj-scaredpigeon).

I find Twitter therapeutic—not unlike writing monthly notes like this.  It simply reminds me to recognize, and appreciate, the moments I am offered.  Of course, I tend to share perspectives that lean positive (perpetual complaining is not good for building our type of community) and in turn I am compelled to zero in on the things that are life-enhancing.  As a bonus, the updates I see from so many people give me perspective well beyond my own daily travels—all at the swipe of a finger on my iPhone (#getone).

Of course, these brief snips of personality pale in comparison to the whole of what we are presented with each day.  The great things (and the not-so-great) come and go so quickly that we can’t even respond to them when we move through each day as if we are trying to “survive” to the next—which is inevitably filled with much more of the same, only different.

So we’re left with what we manage to remember—more specifically, how we manage to remember. And therein lies the choice (arguably one of the most powerful words known to humankind).  Was it a great day?  Did you have an awesome moment? Maybe even just one within the hundreds experienced during that 24-hour period? From there, you find the moments you choose to remember for that day: “felt great during my 5-mile run,” “nothing gives me life more than seeing a genuine smile on my daughter’s face,” “so appreciative of the kind man who helped me at the post office today—good people are awesome!” “can’t believe people actually eat roadkill,” “looking forward to crossing the finish line at Ramblin Rose this weekend #celebrateme #1stxtriathlete.”  As long as you can express it in 140 characters or less, you can send it out into the universe as if you wrote it in stone—and now you own it. Powerful in many ways.

Life is essentially a series of moments.  You can enjoy them, you can forget them, you can dread them, you can celebrate them. In the end, it’s important to find a way to appreciate them.

In our annual off-road issue, our managing editor, Joe Nuss, once again serves up a menu of inspiration, motivation, and, as usual, many moments that await your presence (and perspective). Most notably we introduce the MovNat approach to fitness, essentially showcasing how to build healthier fitness profiles by getting back to nature, or back to MOVing NATurally. And with our monthly reader giveaway from Great Outdoor Provision company (see adjacent page) you’ll have more than you need to get motivated to experience this season off-road.

What are you doing?

Inspire. Perform. Endure.

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P.S. Happy 77th birthday to my Pop—a master at enjoying his moments.