By Brian Diaz When the hot humid Southern days of summer start to fade away and make room for the cool mornings and evenings of fall, I can’t help but yearn to get outside. A friend of mine that lives in Roanoke, VA, an outdoor mecca, once mentioned that

Physical Therapy and Cancer Treatments


By Jamie Tjalma Cancer. It's a battle. A battle that too many people have to fight. A foe that can be beaten, regardless of outcome.  Perhaps said best by Stuart Scott, UNC alum and ESPN anchor, who lost his life to cancer in 2015, "You beat cancer by how you live, why

Get Up and Move


By Brian Beatty A reason to run? A better question might be, why not? Walking and running are what we are inherently designed to do. We do it better than any other species. Human gait (walking and running) is just allowing the body to do that which it is

From Athlete to Amputee: How physical therapy can help in your road to recovery


Martha Nauman, a resident of Huntersville, NC, has always been passionate about being an athlete, teacher, and mother. However, in February 2013, she faced a serious health situation that would lead her to find even greater ways to inspire others. Nauman was rarely sick, paid close attention to her

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