By Rob Schneider & Brian Beatty

It takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a community to support the health and wellness of each of us. We rely upon and build those we are drawn to because of shared values, philosophies, and visions. The activities we do, places and people that provide them, stores, publications, health and wellness providers, families, friends, co-workers, coaches, and workout partners all create a community for each of us as we strive for wellness in our lives.

Wellness is more than physical fitness, it is the personal freedom to live happy and productively for our communities and ourselves. In the heart of Carrboro, NC, an active community, there is a small building with a big vision – 304 W. Weaver Street. Located between Weaver Street Market, a community food co-op) and the local farmers market, it had been home to Balanced Physical Therapy and Movement Studio since 2003. In 2008, the principals of these companies, Rob and Anne Marie Schneider, Brian Beatty and Elizabeth Towe, had the opportunity to purchase the property with the vision of creating a resource for health for the greater community.

As we embark on a new year, we visualize our fitness, endurance, and goals. We seek personal bests, first time achievements, conquest over illness, more time  and peacefulness for ourselves and others, or maybe just the strength to continue our forward progress. What does our community look like which help us get there?

At 304 Weaver, one can find physical therapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, chiropractor, Pilates studio, an architect who designs for the whole person, classes of yoga, tai chi, Nia, awareness through movement, even an accountant. All are connected by the commitment to create wellness for each individual in their community. You may have seen these people on the streets of Carrboro or sitting at the market. They are often answering questions and connecting with those who have a need. 

Together the tenants of 304 Weaver, including ATI, a national company, continue to grow the shared vision of providing a sustainable resource for the community; one to help us be better. Leading by example and doing things to benefit the community where we work and live. Below is a list of the current partners in 304, everyone is invited to come and let them be a part of your community. Let’s All Be Well in 2017! 

ATI Physical Therapy

Balanced Movement Studio

Chas Gaertner, DC, NC Chiropractic

Gina Devine, CPA

Suzanna Dupee, LMBT

David Beadle, LMBT

Jamie Taylor, LMBT

Sarah Horner and Tara House, Spira Pilates and Gyrokinesis

James Morgan, Bella Domas

Angela Hugghins, Monarch Brow and Facial

# # #

Rob is a sports certified specialist in Physical Therapy. He is the Regional Director for ATI and Former co-owner of Balanced Physical Therapy in Carrboro. He has been living his dream of being a resource for an active community.