RAMBLIN’ ROSE PROFILE – Crystal Perkins, 29: Orthopaedic Surgery Resident – Charlotte, NC


“Amidst a busy season of competing, I knew that the excitement and inspiration involved with a Ramblin’ Rose event would be unparalleled.” Balancing work and training is a constant battle, but I strongly believe you should make the time to pursue a passion. For me, this means 4 a.m.

RAMBLIN’ ROSE PROFILE – Ryan Everhart, 37, Creator of – Winston-Salem, NC


“I've never done a 5k; this race was my first ever!” I was living in Hawaii and had to move home because I was having severe health problems. I took one trip to a cardiologist and had to have emergency open-heart surgery. Doctors couldn't believe I was still alive.

RAMBLIN’ ROSE PROFILE – Melinda (Mindy) Puckett, 44: Attorney – Stephanie Puckett, 18: College Student, Winston-Salem, NC


“The encouragement and inspiration that you feel from other women is motivating and empowering. It is awesome to experience the challenge and feeling of success when you finish.” Stephanie wanted to improve her health and habits during her senior year of high school before going away to college. We

RAMBLIN’ ROSE PROFILE – Jennifer Hilburn, 38: Network Content Manager – Charlotte, NC


“The women of Ramblin’ Rose and Tri It For Life are the most amazing group of people you will ever meet. The race is filled with so much energy and support you will want to run/walk/crawl across that finish line and scream ‘I am a triathlete!’” My most memorable

RAMBLIN’ ROSE PROFILE – Kristina Blake: Health Care Credentialing – Mint Hill, SC


“The positivity that is instilled once you cross that finish line stays with you and spills over into daily life.” I was initially recruited by friends to join “Tri It For Life” because I was looking for a big fitness goal to keep me motivated. I am constantly telling

RAMBLIN’ ROSE PROFILE – Julia Brandon, 41: Industrial/Organizational Psychologist – Durham, NC


“Training and the race help you bring your best forward. You can apply this to all areas in your life. It is also a great way to stay fit without taking up a lot of time.”  I first participated in Ramblin’ Rose nine years ago because of my brother, a fantastic triathlete.