SPRI Soft Foam Roller

Good for first-time foam rollers and those looking for a more relaxing and rejuvenating (and less painful) rolling experience. This is ideal for a gentle stretch and self-mobilization of joints and spine. More Info: SPRI.com

SKLZ Barrel Roller

A firm roller is ideal for athletes with very tight muscles as it’s denser and helps break up adhesions and assist with flushing waste out of the muscles which causes soreness. The hollow-core provides extended durability of the roller. More Info: SKLZ.com

GRID Foam Roller

The GRID foam roller is good for experienced foam-rollers. Its 3D surface mimics the feeling of a manual massage allowing tissue to aerate while you roll, promoting the flow of blood and oxygen to repair muscles. More Info: TPTherapy.com

Rumble Roller

Experience rollers looking for a deeper rolling experience may love the Rumble Roller. With its high-profile bumps you can massage deeper into the muscle and the large inter-bump spaces provide room for soft tissue displacement. More Info: RumbleRoller.com