‘The best thing about Ramblin’ Rose is that there is no ‘type.’ There are so many real women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, backgrounds and ages.”

This is my third Ramblin’ Rose race and my boys have never seen me cross a finish line for so many unseen obstacles (like having to use the potty while Mommy is about to cross the finish line). So, when my family was at the finish cheering me on … man, it was awesome! My life is different now in the fact that I have a standing “Friday after-work running date” with a coworker. She is also a new mom, and every Friday we hit our favorite running spot and just let loose. Neither of us are “runners” but we enjoy the stress relief, camaraderie, and fitness that we get in those 30-45 minutes. The things that I want for birthdays and Christmas are different too. Last year, all I wanted was a bike rack for my car, so I can load up and take the kids biking. This year for my birthday, it was a new pair of running shoes. These were things that I never imagined wanting … or needing!

“‘You can do this!’ This motto is so powerful. Never underestimate the power of positive thought!”