RAMBLIN’ ROSE PROFILE – Kimberly Piccini, 40: Recruiter, Business Owner – Greensboro, NC


The very first Ramblin’ Rose triathlon I competed in was my third triathlon. Ever since I have only competed in Ramblin’ Rose triathlons. They are my favorite races.

Ramblin’ Rose triathlons are great races because they are really organized, the distance is very reasonable to train for and there are a lot of competitors, which makes it really fun. One of the best parts is that it is all women. My girlfriend who lives in Atlanta has traveled to North Carolina to compete in them a couple of times. I love seeing that anyone at any age can do something they never thought was imaginable and really enjoy being a part of that. My son Jack always hears and sees both my husband and I working out and knows when I have a race to go to. He has learned the importance of being fit, staying healthy and he enjoys running races with me. We have done a number of one-mile races and 5k’s together and he feels really good at the end of the race knowing he did it.

Overall the Ramblin’ Rose races are my favorite races, which is why I have competed in so many of them. The atmosphere is so positive, uplifting, motivating, and a lot of fun. It is great to see so many different types of women/girls at so many different ages all competing in the race together.