Core Corner

Single Leg Forward Bend

2019-03-08T13:10:39-04:00Core Corner|

By Elizabeth Towe As the running distance increases, the time for other exercise becomes scarce. This exercise packs a large bang for the buck into a single motion. It improves single leg stability, the critical core element for running efficiency. It also provides hip extension (glute and hamstring) activation,

CORE CORNER – Split Squat (with Rear Foot Elevated)

2016-12-19T14:50:59-04:00Core Corner, Sustainability of You|

By Elizabeth Towe Running requires strength and stability on one leg to drive the body forward efficiently. The split squat is a great multi-joint (hip-knee-ankle) exercise that really brings the hip joint to the forefront as the power mover that drives us forward in walking and running. In reference to improving triathlon performance,