OctBlog_2015_10_Oct_Editor_Pg6_1The cover of Endurance Magazine’s October 2012 issue features “Chuck”, who homeless at the time and participating in an inspiring new organization called, RunningWorks. Now, Chuck is employed and housed thanks to Meredith Dolhare, the founder of RunningWorks. Dolhare, an accomplished endurance athlete, wanted to feature a RunningWorks participant on the cover back then to help break the stigma associated with the homeless. RunningWorks is now in it’s fourth year and we finally caught up with Dolhare for a photo shoot and interview about her own life, RunningWorks and its partnership with the Beautiful Together non-profit to help homeless youth.

Another endurance athlete, ultrarunner Jeremy Bradford is on a mission to help kids as well. Bradford is raising funds for Children’s Hospital Colorado by running across the country. While Bradford runs, his family will ride alongside him in an RV as he runs from Los Angeles to New York City. Maya, his 10-year old daughter, started out the run with her dad on April 18th. Maya was born with a condition know as Pierre Robin sequence. This condition results in a cleft palate and a small jaw, which caused Maya difficulties with eating and breathing. At 9 months old, Maya’s palate was surgically repaired at the Children’s Hospital Colorado giving her new life. Read their inspiring story in this issue.

Not nearly inspiring but, equally important is our cycling column this month. While we typically rely on columnist Thomas Henson to share his knowledge of cycling and cycling gear with our readers, we asked him to write about an important issue: Proving Legal Damages After a Bike-Car Wreck. A lawyer by trade, Henson has represented cyclists who have been injured and has a wealth of knowledge to share which is important, given recent accidents involving cyclists and motorists. As the weather warms up and more people take to the road with their bikes, chances of accidents will only increase.

While it’s not officially summer yet, it sure feels like it! That’s one reason we deviated from our typical recipe this month. Another reason is that this recipe is bound to fix that craving for a pint of ice cream at the end of a hot day of training. Brandon McDearis came up with this month’s recipe for Soft-Serve Ice Cream after reading Dr. Michael Greger’s book “How Not to Die”, a hardcover written by the founder of nutritionfacts.org that discusses many of the foods that have been scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease. The book is very informative, while also being an interesting read for those who are curious about a plant-based diet. While you may be used to making ice cream in an ice cream maker with plenty of cream and eggs, this simplified and healthier version harnesses the antioxidant power of berries without sacrificing flavor. We were pleasantly surprised how delicious it turned out to be!

Also in this issue is our annual guide to relay races. If the thought of a dozen sweaty, delirious and hungry runners crammed into a 15 passenger van for two days sounds fun to you, you will definitely want to check out our guide to upcoming relay races. If you’re not familiar with relay runs, you’ll be happy to know they are generally held in beautiful locales, have an awesome finishers’ party, give you an opportunity to run a race at night, and like we said, ride in a van with about a dozen or so other sweaty runners. While most relay races adhere to the 12-person 200-mile format, some races are adding shorter versions, too. Be sure to check out our guide to see which race is best for you and your friends.

Whether you want to or not, if you’re a runner or routinely hang out with other runners, you’ll probably get convinced to do a relay race at least once in your life. So, In addition to our awesome relay run guide, we also share some insider tips on how to have a successful race. In her article, “Four Overlooked Essentials You Don’t Want to Forget to Pack for Your Next Relay”, writer Diana Palka shares her thoughts on often overlooked essentials you don’t want to forget as you’re packing up that smelly gym bag before heading out for the weekend.

Here at Endurance we know how hard it can be to break away from work and family for a run, especially when you’ve got infants and toddlers at home, so we know getting in a 2-day running event isn’t always possible. That’s why we set columnist Evan Adler to work on another important article, “Top Tips for Better Stroller Running”. As a Physical Therapist at ATI Physical Therapy, Adler has treated endurance athletes who suffered injuries due in part to running with a stroller. For some, stroller running is a necessity but, there’s no reason it has to hurt your form or lead to injuries. There can be many positive aspects to running with an infant: increased strength and speed from “resisted” training, increased bonding time between you and your runner-to-be; effective use of nap time; adapting your child to the movements of the stroller, and encouraging regular exercise. Read Adler’s article in this issue so you don’t miss out on these benefits.