Michelle Racioppo, 27 | Middle School Special Education Teacher | Cary, NC

“You have nothing to lose! Sign up and know you will have hundreds of supporters waiting for you at the finish line.”

I have always wanted to do a triathlon. I love to bike and run, and especially swim. I just needed the push to sign up. A friend [Meg Fanny] told me how wonderful this race was. She ensured me this would be a great first TRI experience and it definitely was. Coming out of the swim, running to transition to my bike. There was a line of strangers cheering for me, yelling my name, telling me how awesome I was doing. I was pumped.

Meg Fanney, 32 | Teacher | Raleigh, NC

“My favorite part of the Ramblin’ Rose is that everyone is supportive and excited for you no matter speed or ability.”

“Training with Tri It Fot Life to get ready for the Ramblin’ Rose has completely changed my life. First, my wardrobe is now based on far more spandex than ever before, and a lot of time is spent looking for new races, trying to recruit friends to do those races, and of course, training for those races. Second, everybody told me about drinking the Kool-aid and becoming a year-round triathlete, and yeah… I drank it. Finally, my family has looked at sports like tri’s in a new way. My fiancé got a bike and now rides with me, my 6 year-old nephew likes to run with me (and one day wants to do his own tri), and my dog is ready for anywhere from a 3 to 10 miler.”