You will not be left behind, but you will leave here better than when you arrived. 5:00am alarms are not often met with much excitement (certainly not by my wife). However, it is that early alarm that awakens over 100 men each morning throughout Chapel Hill, Durham and Hillsborough to better themselves physically, mentally and spiritually in the early morning hours. F3 (Fitness, Fellowship, Faith) is a peer-led, men’s fitness and leadership organization founded in Charlotte in 2011. F3 workouts are open to all men, always free, always outside, always led by members of the group and always end with a circle of trust. These are the 5 core elements of any F3 workout from North Carolina to Northern California.

There are common standards you will find at any F3 workout, although each workout will include an unknown combination of running/push-ups/burpees/kettle bells/sandbags and more. No man is ever left behind, regardless of his physical ability, speed or strength. F3 workouts intentionally push our physical limits to expand the mental limits we place on ourselves. The constant drive to push beyond our boundaries fosters an environment that embraces intentional hardship. It is through hard work that we achieve new goals and experience the unmatched emotions related to conquering our challenges.

F3 Churham currently claims over 500 men throughout Chapel Hill, Durham and Hillsborough. David (F3 given name: LoPair) Baddour is one of those men whose constant smile, optimistic attitude and presence at F3 workouts has become one of the inherent strengths of F3 Churham. In the Spring of 2014, David was encouraged by a close friend and Carolina classmate to try an F3 workout in Chapel Hill. By his own admission, LoPair was skeptical and unsure of his plans to participate in F3 workouts with any regularity. Almost 4 years later, F3 Churham proudly claims him as a core member who has encouraged countless others to set their alarms for oh-dark-thirty. LoPair continues to be a leader, influencer and incredible example to F3 brothers everywhere on the importance of conquering our respective challenges.

Pushing physical limits and persevering through a hard workout has an amazing ability to translate into all other area of our lives. The mental strength gives confidence to address the challenges of life that we face whether related to our workplace, families, friendships or our own health. The relationships and true brotherhood created through F3 provides each man with the sense of support and encouragement on the path to constant improvement.

These relationships have facilitated an infinite number of new partnerships in our community, including that with the team at Endurance Magazine. On April 21st, the men of F3 Churham and another F3 organization – Speed for Need – partnered with Endurance Magazine to push 3 amazing kids in racing wheelchairs in the 2018 Tar Heel 10 Miler. The organizational support and willingness by Endurance Magazine to partner on the race created an amazing experience and indescribable sense of joy for our 3 Speed for Need riders that they will not soon forget.

— Andrew Cocowitch (F3: Coco),
F3 member since 2013

In addition to learning how David Baddour credits F3 with preparing him for his colon cancer battle, you will also learn about F3’s sister organization, FiA (Females in Action). For more even more inspiration we share the story of how triathlon has become the hobby of one 13-year-old Leukemia Survivor.

Our regular features include a plethora of nutritional information from learning WHEN to eat and HOW to carbo load and hydration blunders! And our regular cycling contributor, Thomas Henson, shares how his company chooses to give back.

We hope your summer is filled with lots of fun Endurance activities! Stay hydrated (but don’t over hydrate!)

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