Kathi Nixon, 50 | High School Teacher, Clayton, NC 

“Even though I didn’t know any of the women in the RR, everyone was so supportive.”

“I think that, like a lot of women, I’m sure, turning 50 is… daunting. I watched my friends spend the big 5-0 drinking wine and painting pottery, going to weekend spa getaways… I wanted to turn 50 feeling the best I’ve ever felt about myself.  And I did. I was scared, but I liked looking around and seeing women – some younger, some older, some smaller, some bigger – some just like me.  By the time I heard ‘go’ at the pool, I was ready. The feeling of crossing that finish line after all of those hours riding in the cold, swimming when it’s dark, running when you hate to run – it’s worth it.  This may sound hokey – but my favorite part is the training with the end in mind. I like the fact that my husband trained with me and came up with a daily training plan to get us both ready for our first (separate) triathlons.”