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GETTING STARTED – Ready, Set, Race!

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By Vickie Leff, LCSW (aka RunnerMom) November is a great month to run some road races and Turkey Trots! Before you head off to the start line, here are a few reminders that can help make your race the most successful ever. A little preparation and few surprises will

GETTING STARTED – Run, Jump, Climb and Crawl

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By Brian Diaz The fastest growing national “race” category is not the full or half-marathons that all your Facebook friends claim they are training for, nor even the surge in triathlons, but a different type of multi-event race known as an obstacle course. As more and more people flood


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  Patient education videos for musculoskeletal conditions are available at Runner’s Knee By Ashley Hardin   Runner's knee, or patellofemoral pain syndrome, is characterized by pain behind or around the patella (kneecap).   What causes runner's knee?   Though the exact cause is unknown, patellofemoral pain syndrome tends